Medical Qigong: Unlock Your Body's Healing Potential

Discover the ancient art of Medical Qigong and experience the powerful health benefits it can bring to your life. White Tiger Qigong offers a unique approach to this ancient practice, combining Taoist Medical Qigong with modern sports science and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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What Is Medical Qigong


Medical Qigong has been used in ancient China and modern-day China to treat a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. Medical Qigong is often used as complementary and alternative medicine in conjunction with Chinese Medicine herbs and even now western medicine. It focuses more on meridian pathways, electromagnetic energy, internal organs, and bones of the body.

Medical Qigong is one of the 4 main components of Chinese Medicine along with acupuncture, herbs, and tui na. Medical Qigong was modernized after the Cultural Revolution and synthesized to be used as a complementary and alternative medicine for the general public.


History of Medical Qigong

Taoist Medical Qigong was developed over 2000 years ago. Taoist practitioners found that patients with a medical diagnosis were healing faster when incorporating dynamic exercises into their daily routine. The physician to the King, Hua Tuo, created 5 Animal Qigong, the first Medical Qigong form. Its primary objectives were prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation.

Chinese medicine recognizes stagnation caused by a sedentary lifestyle, environmental factors, and suppressed or excessive emotions as the primary sources of pathogenetic stress and illness. Medical Qigong provides a self-healing tool to deal with these challenges.


Scientific Research on Medical Qigong

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the health benefits of practicing Medical Qigong. For example, research has shown that regular Qigong practice can help reduce stress, improve balance, increase flexibility, and even boost the immune system.

Furthermore, studies have also found that Medical Qigong can be effective in managing chronic pain, improving cardiovascular health, and enhancing overall well-being.

Why White Tiger Medical Qigong?


White Tiger Qigong is a pioneer in medical Qigong training, offering the most comprehensive and in-depth courses in Asia in English. Our approach combines ancient Qigong techniques with modern fascia research, Western anatomy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
White Tiger Medical Qigong is a dynamic form of Qigong that activates vital energy flow (Qi) in your body, strengthening bones, muscles, and promoting overall health.
By following Taoist principles, you’ll learn to move and flow with the elements, embody the spirit of animals, and balance Yin & Yang.

Meridian Qigong

Twisting and coiling movements to detoxify your meridians and fascial system.

Organ Qigong

Squeeze out toxins and emotions from your organs, promoting Qi circulation.

Bone Qigong

Deep stances that strengthen bones, boost the immune system & promote longevity.

Experience the Trinity System of White Tiger Qigong

Experience a wide range of health benefits from regular practice, including:

  • Deep Relaxation
  •  Enhanced Concentration
  •  Increased Sexual Energy
  •  Improved Flexibility & Range of Motion
  •  Balanced Emotions
  •  Better Sleep
  •  Stronger Immune System
  •  Greater Strength & Stamina
  •  Optimized Digestion & Elimination
  •  Stress Relief

Become a Certified Qigong Practitioner


Join our comprehensive program to learn how you can heal yourself and others through dynamic Qigong practices and meditation. Our courses are open to beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

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Nadia Isaenko

Tevia is one of the best teachers I met. I had several classes a week with him during July-August, 2013. He is very talented as a teacher (and I know what I’m talking about;). And he is an amazing openhearted person. Every time after his class my body and soul were vibrating and pouring with unconditional love, health and strength! I’m very grateful for his profound work with me. Even after I stopped my classes and went to Moscow and was sucked into day-to-day life and didn’t practice Qigong for almost 6 moths – EVERYTHING he taught me came back to me as soon as I started. And check out his book…

James Redmon

Hi, my name is James Redmon and I have been practicing Qigong for a little over a year now. When I first became interested in Qigong, I came across some YouTube videos of White Tiger Qigong classes with Natalia. I purchased the 8 Trigram Organ Qigong introductory course, but it was not until I purchased the 8 Trigram Qigong teacher training course that I began to really experience Qigong. This Qigong has helped sharpen my focus as well as bring balance and stability emotionally. I am very pleased with the results I have received from my practice and look to share this Qigong with others in hopes they receive the benefits they need as well.

Erma Braza

I am an Acupuncturist, Mom, Student, and Happy Wanderer. I own a practice with such wonderful patients. I’ve neglected taking care of my own health. Although I’m happy, I’m exhausted. I looked for a Qi Gong Program so that I can learn how to manage the stress in my life, heal my joints, cultivate Qi, and at the same time, empower my patients to do the same. I chose White Tiger Qi Gong because I absolutely love how you bridge the gap between the roots of Daoists’ traditions and Modern Medicine. I love the repetition and how we just keep adding layers upon layers on each of the 5 Elements until it becomes second nature. I’ve been feeling more energy and flexibility. The stress is becoming more manageable and overall. White Tiger Qi Gong is such a great program to live, learn and grow from.

Doriane Gillet

Tevia is one-of-a-kind teacher and I recommend to anyone wanting to know more about Qi Gong, to improve his/her own practice, or to discover Qi Gong, to participate in one of Tevia’s trainings. He has accumulated a lot of knowledge from highly respected masters throughout the years, and it is a real honour to receive his teachings. The 3-week teacher training course I attended in September 2016 helped in my spiritual journey. I got a better understanding of my body and ways to respect it and keep in good health, through Qi gong movements, breathing techniques and meditation. It was also an amazing opportunity to meet people from around the world, who are now great friends. I am grateful to Tevia for this great experience!

Bill Grace

I would say for me the 5 Elements was the most challenging of the 3 teacher training modules I have now completed. So I am still in Perth Western Australia but being a certified White Tiger teacher has enabled me to confidently start my own Qigong practice in Perth running 3 classes a week and teaching occasional one on one lessons. So it has helped me to have the confidence to do what I am truly passionate about with my life and that is bringing Qiong to more people. I look forwards to doing more of Tevia’s wonderful training and 5 animals is next on my list. Anyone considering the program I would say go for it, it’s a high-quality well developed training with excellent support from the senior instructors.

Suzannah Lim

The White Tiger Teacher Training has been an invaluable experience. As a long term practitioner of yoga, I was surprised at the physical increases in strength and flexibility through the Qi Gong practice in such a short space of time. But more than that, the practice opened up a window of expression within that allowed me to truly connect with myself and others. Tevia is deeply passionate, with a heart of gold who truly cares for the students. I am extremely grateful that he would share his life experiences, knowledge and wisdom with us. I can’t recommend this training highly enough.