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Our 5 Force Fit Instructor Certification program enrollment is currently closed. We are thrilled with the overwhelming response and excited to embark on this transformative journey with our newest cohort of dedicated wellness professionals.

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Unlock Your Teaching Potential with 5 Force Fit by White Tiger Qigong

Are you a fitness or wellness instructor looking to elevate your offerings and teaching skills? Explore 5 Force Fit – a groundbreaking program designed to revolutionize your approach to fitness and wellness


5 Force Fit brings the ancient art of Qigong into a modern fitness and wellness setting. Developed in collaboration with neuroscientists, sports science experts, and world-renowned instructors, our program integrates the latest scientific findings with centuries-old Eastern wellness practices for a truly holistic approach.

Our unique blend of Qigong and modern fitness science not only fortifies your physical wellness but also hones coordination and balance. This is achieved through meticulously designed movements that activate both hemispheres of the brain, enhancing body symmetry and functional fitness.

Synergizing the 5 Elements with Modern Movement Science

  • Transformative Journey: A fusion of ancient Qigong wisdom with modern scientific rigor for all-encompassing wellness.
  • Energetic Warm-Ups: Stimulate energy flow and awaken vitality with movements designed to enhance meridian circulation.
  • 5 Element Qigong Exercises: Cultivate organ health and emotional poise through practices rooted in the five elemental energies.
  • Two Tailored Sequences:
    • Yang Flow: Ignite your inner fire with strength-building, vigorous routines.
    • Yin Flow: Embrace tranquility through gentle, introspective movements.
  • Neuroacoustic Harmonization: Each element is paired with neuroacoustic soundscapes, elevating the practice by aligning your mental state with the energy of the movements.
  • Scientifically Optimized: Our program is curated with insights from neuroscience and sports science, ensuring a harmonious blend of fitness and holistic wellness.

The 5 Forces of Transformation

5 Force Fit revolves around five fundamental forces to unlock total mind-body wellness

What Will You Get

Your 5 Force Fit Instructor Training equips you with all the essential tools and knowledge for a successful teaching journey in the world of Qigong fitness.

License to Teach

Upon completing your training, you’re licensed to teach 5 Force Fit Qigong based classes, wherever and whenever you want. 


5 Force Fit System

Learn our unique formula that marries the timeless wisdom of Qigong with modern fitness science for a groundbreaking approach to wellness.

Skill Enhancement & Education

Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also leave with a profound understanding of the core 5 Force Fit movements, effective instruction techniques, and dynamic class choreography.


Unparalleled Support

Join the online training and benefit from the ongoing guidance of our dedicated 5 Force Fit experts every step of the way.


World-Class Instructor Training

Our certification program, developed with experts from Harvard and Stanford, provides your instructors with an immersive training experience to become skilled 5 Force Fit teachers

The White Tiger Qigong Instructor Network

QIN (White Tiger Qigong Instructor Network) is a monthly membership program created to give you ongoing support and tools for success.This licensing fee will get you everything you need to take your instructor career to the next level.

  • Global Community Support: Connect with a worldwide network of instructors for shared learning and support.
  • Comprehensive Class Library: Gain access to a diverse library with over 50 Qigong classes to expand your offerings.
  • Exclusive Instructor Discounts: Benefit from special discounts on all 5 Force Fit gear.
  • Monthly Masterclasses: Learn and grow through monthly masterclasses with Qigong experts.
  • Bi-annual Content Updates: Keep your curriculum current with new sequences and music released twice a year.
  • Marketing and Promotional Support: Receive a full suite of marketing tools to promote your classes effectively.

Course Structure

Unlock the exceptional opportunity to enhance your skills and receive over $620 in bonuses before the deadline on April 19th at 11:59 PM EST









Qigong Academy Blueprint
($500 Value)

The Qigong Academy Blueprint course offers a strategy for Qigong instructors to expand their business reach. It guides through developing a successful brand, enhancing sales and marketing efforts, and leveraging social media and advertising to grow a Qigong practice. Ideal for teachers aiming to scale their offerings and impact.

Essential Qigong Theory
($50 Value)

Delve into the foundational concepts of Qigong with our comprehensive course, enhancing your practice and teaching repertoire.

Beginners Mindset Course
($50 Value included in the subscription)

Embark on your Qigong path with the right mindset. Our Beginners Mindset Course is tailored to equip you with the foundational principles, practices, and philosophies of Qigong. This course ensures a solid start and deep understanding of your journey ahead.

Inner Circle Masterclasses
($20/month Value included in subscription)

Join Master Instructor Tevia Feng for a transformative experience in our monthly masterclasses. Dive deep into the realms of Qigong, uncovering ancient Qigong theory, the art of Inner Alchemy, and advanced breathing techniques to enhance, educate, and connect deeply with this ancient art.

5 Force Fit: Instructor Certification

Enrollment Closed

Stay Connected for Future Opportunities

Don’t miss out on your chance to transform your teaching and personal wellness practice.

Join the waitlist & get notified
when enrollments reopen for 5 Force Fit

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll issue a refund immediately.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to experience the 5 Force Fit course, masterfully crafted by the renowned Master Instructor Tevia Feng. This program stands out as an impeccably designed system that skillfully caters to a diverse range of practitioners, from beginners to those at an advanced level. Its inclusive approach welcomes students of various ages and abilities, offering them a chance to immerse themselves in the dynamic and transformative world of Qigong. What truly sets the 5 Force Fit course apart is its capacity to bridge generations, introducing the profound and healing art of Qigong to new enthusiasts while reinforcing its lifelong health advantages. As a Personal Trainer with over two decades of experience and a background as a Studio Fitness Director, I can confidently say that this course is a valuable asset to any fitness regimen. Furthermore, as a WTQ Certified Instructor in both the 5 Elements and 8 Trigram Organ Qigong, I appreciate the depth and authenticity that this course brings to the practice of Qigong. It's an essential tool for anyone looking to enrich their journey towards holistic health and well-being.

Stacy McKinney, USA
- Personal Trainer since 1998
-Former Studio Fitness Director at Wilson Fitness Centers
-WTQ Certified Instructor(5 Elements & 8 Trigram Organ Qigong)

Excellent videography, narration, sequencing and format. Thank you. Very easy to follow. Music is good choice as well as graphics. Well done. Thank you!

Tamu Ngina


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